My story


A confused teenager in search of destiny gets into the Bachelor’s program in computer science but soon realises that it is more than just the cool things such as gaming and hacking that Computer science was about. Most of the subjects were extremely hard to comprehend, for example- Physics, Calculus and Assembly languages (and they never helped in real life yet). At such verge of darkness, the Web technology course brought light to my life. A 98% grade was merely an encouragement but I finally found something I enjoy. Well, I also enjoyed writing, sports and music but I never wanted my hobbies to become my profession. So, I thought that, Front end development was my way to go.


Most of my early works were given away for free, for example, my friends needed a website for launching their band’s new album or some of their relatives wanted a static website for their small business. At the same time, I’d deal with those stingy clients who promised but never paid (or only paid a small percentage after making hundreds of new changes). Soon after that, I’ve prepared a portfolio website for myself to showcase these 10-12 projects and kept on updating it as the breakthrough of responsive web design came into being around 2011-2012. People finally starts using smartphones for browsing and many companies wanted to redesign their websites into a responsive one to support all the mobile and desktop viewports. That has brought me some paid gigs (50% upfront this time!) and eventually a Full-Time job at Adaptive Enterprise Ltd. I was interviewed by my mentor- Mr. Sabbir Hossain Turjo who moved to Augmedix inc. after a year and took me there with him.

Apart from the Full-Time job, I was always open to take freelance projects under the banner of DESIGNARIUM, my very own startup for web design and development. This is where I could apply all my new discoveries to stay up to date with the new web technologies and design thinking.


Lots of cool things happened during my tenure at Augmedix inc. a San Francisco based multinational startup.

Earned the Beast awards for stellar project delivery under crunch time. I functioned as a liason between the core designers and the back end developers during my 5 years service. Apart from the design and development of company's public website, I've had major contribution in the following -

Redesigned the company's next generation health provider and medical transcribing software that enhanced note taking ability for the scribes through Audio/Video streaming interface in real time using Google Glass. Worked in collaboration using reactive web technologies such as Angular 7, Java based web application and REST API's, CSS3/SASS and HTML5 which improved the software performance by 15%, thereby saving 2-3 hours a day for each doctors using Augmedix.

As for World Wide Web, it was equally exciting as Flash disappeared from the scene while HTML5 and CSS3 emerged. And that paved way for lots of cool trends like Parallax scrolling websites, JS based frameworks and libraries, flat design and minimalistic approach became the new cool trends. Lots of new magics starts taking place (e.g wegGL) and eventually making it more complex.

At one point, I have realised that, I should achieve more by learning other media designs (From Adobe Creative Suite to 3DS Max) while I can sharpen my coding skills at the same time. There is no boundary to learn new cool stuffs. And the only way to stay alive in the contest is to keep moving, we'd drop dead the day we stop learning.


That is when I invested all my life’s savings to study Interactive Media Design at Seneca@York and moved to Toronto with my wife- Nabila. This program has taught me so much that I now know the answers of “why”... before I just knew how they work. My transition from a self-taught into a trained professional id giving me so much more confidence to excel my career in this beautiful country- Canada.

Some of my projects --

Awaj Foundation





New Asia Group


Dhaka Lit Fest


Khiyo Band




My additional interest includes music, traveling, reading, writing poetry, photography and etc. I'm a published author for my book - The Ageless Ground.


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