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I seek hope in divinity, I seek love and joy
Silent hours of togetherness
My heart was cold, now softened.

Hours after hours, silent whispers and weeps
You must have heard my screams
I was in peace though, I was in love and divinity.

Then one day, they came to me
Interrupted my dream, they claim,
They know you better than me.

I thought you’re inside me, but they taught me of you
Taught me of your rage, and your punishment
I was so scared, and with fear a distance grew.

I stray from you; my fear came true
In emptiness, I’ve found everything but you
I went to them again, and they said, they’d know you.

I wonder how well they did,
If they were so scared of you too
Why your love never reaches them through?

Are they all hypnotized? Is their heart colder than mine?
Serving someone else’s desire or will?
In the name of yours.

Distance grew so long, I don’t want to lose you now
If I’m not scared anymore, will you come to me?
Will you ever live in my heart again?

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