/ Poetry


What is a boundless dream?
Endless amore,
Fraction of a second, it may last
A Long, long way away from this genuine world
Life against life, hope against hope
A world against a world,
A dream against a dream.

Above this emptiness, above this void
In silence and appease, I finally reach
To an unconscious consciousness
A thousand frozen frames in motion.
A wall against a wall,
A dream against a dream.

Intuition mingles quietly with imagination
This moment I wish would last forever
Even when night’s darkness swallowed by the morning light
It all comes to an abrupt end.
A light against darkness,
A dream against nightmare.

Shopnil Mahmud

Shopnil Mahmud

A software engineer with avid interest on any form of arts and philosophy. Likes to write codes for a living and poetry for the soul. Currently residing in Toronto, originally from Bangladesh.

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