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Been hiding the truth in a soul of lies,
You pretend to drown in the sea of cries,

But I see you're not... You can’t let yourself so,

You are afraid of death so you will try,
But never do forget that you will die.

I've seen death, I've seen life,
I've seen dark, I've seen light,

I've seen the end, I've seen the rise,
I've seen surrender, I've seen the fight!

So, keep running this race again,
Go seek a new escape again,

For once time was beautiful,
But then it turned grey,
Another time it was painful,
A terror, a nightmare to stay!

But I've seen people try, I've seen people cry,
I've seen them pray, and they all get gray.

But God protects your fate, and there's no escape!

At times you try to escape yourself,
How far do you think you could roam?
What you got in life, you wished yourself,
But you never valued this wonderful dome,

And you still keep on running from one end to the other,
But don't forget, there's simply no escape my brother!

I live the moment, I touch, I feel,
I close my eyes and smell what’s real,
No, I can’t escape, I won't run away,
Even death can’t remove me from where I lay.

Shopnil Mahmud

Shopnil Mahmud

A software engineer with avid interest on any form of arts and philosophy. Likes to write codes for a living and poetry for the soul. Currently residing in Toronto, originally from Bangladesh.

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