How to apply for a Study Permit - কিভাবে বাংলাদেশ থেকে ভিসার জন্য আবেদন করবেন?| Episode 7

This video explains the full process of how to apply for a Canadian study permit from Bangladesh. Everything you need to know about applying for a study permit visa to Canada is explained here.

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00:00 Intro
03:20 Letter of acceptance
03:41 Do you need visa?
04:00 Gather documents
06:10 Police Clearance
07:30 Start Application Process
12:03 Fees & summary
13:08 Biometric
13:58 Medical Call
15:54 Start early
16:52 Passport submission
17:45 Air ticket
18:30 Collect Study Permit
21:14 Collect SIN later
22:20 Outro

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Shopnil Mahmud

Shopnil Mahmud

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