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In search of truth

The devil was talking to his friends when they noticed a man walking along a road. They watched him pass and saw that he bent down to pick something up.

  • What did he find? – asked one of the friends.

  • A piece of Truth – answered the devil.

The friends were very concerned. After all, a piece of Truth might save that man’s soul – one less in Hell. But the devil remained unmoved, gazing at the view.

  • Aren’t you worried? – said one of his companions.

He found a piece of Truth!

  • I’m not worried – answered the devil.

Do you know what he’ll do with the piece?

As usual, he’ll create a new religion. And he’ll succeed in distancing even more people from the whole Truth.

(Source: http://paulocoelhoblog.com/)

Search of Mystery

Search of Mystery

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