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A gradual scream, a groan as loud as buzzing the unlimited limit,
Shoving me to the last lane of fragile memory left,
I was trying to bury the erupting pain with my eyes closed,
Coming in waves, flowing through the veins inside my head.

What was I trying to do in such moments of anguish?
While all else failed to light me up for the hope of a new sun?
I've chosen to embrace darkness, dived deeper inside my soul,
Reaching out the optical slides of hypnotizing circles of never ending sleep
Spinning through the orbit of my eyes, snatching my soul up.

Yes, I was drowning deep inside appeasing sleep before that groan,
The loud call tried to raise me up from heaven or was it hell?
I've died, but I needed to come back for something I can’t remember clearly.
I haven't seen the stars when darkness engulfed my existence.

Yet, that darkness filled up my vacuum inside, spreading death disease.
I was floating somewhere in between unconscious consciousness,
I could smell, I could hear but I couldn't move myself an inch.
God! The scream was rising above my tolerance as it soon will blow up my head.
Wake me up, wake me up to this death my God from this dream called life,

My life could be a mess but it was not a complete waste,
Wake me up please; it’s not my time to go now!
Where am I in this treacherous walk through the maze I created for myself?
Through my projected vision of the day that I was not prepared to face.

I could sense my senses, I couldn't bound my tears and I could not move an inch,
God! Give me back the control; let me be the captain of my ship again,
Let me rise up; let me shine from the whispering darkness pouring through my eyes.

Give me back my senses; give me back my life for just a minute more.
Death do occur but it's not my time to go, and I know it is not.
I'm not afraid but it's not my time to go now.
God, I know I never thanked you enough,
I was not as loud as you could hear my eulogy
I have hissed carbon with hatred for this world, and i still do.

I have never kept my promises true yet my shameless eulogy again,
Cause, it’s not my time to go.
Let me ride lightening for one more time
Through the orbit spun around my world,
Give me the last chance, for a minute more-
I haven't said goodbye to mom who's waiting at the door!

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