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Tune of time

When I reach out my hand towards to sky,
I feel like touching heaven!
I imagine my dreams and close my eyes,
In a deep surrounding darkness.
Far away from this world,
I sense a sheer silence
Proceeding unknowingly
towards discovering a new tune of my life.

And my hopeless dreams
seem to look like stars in an azures’ sky …
I witness my ignorant past lying on the floor
Often sometimes in a busy noon,
When everyone's playing the game of life
& rushing around throughout the day …

Whenever I watch aberrantly the dawn light
Seems like I am watching
this new born sun for the first time
And a chronic war inside my mind,
trounces me being reality
When I recognize my genuine world …
All my imaginations isolate me!

I return to reality, I see my present glaring away
And becoming a lost memory and assaulting me brutally.

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Search of Mystery

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