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Child’s philosophy

Everyone comes to our life with a specific role to play
Some would stay for a while, others would leave behind
All who comes, serves a reason, and we serve a reason for others,
By staging the lead role of your own life.

Playing this role and staging this drama becomes so aberrant that-
Sometimes we no longer serve a rational reason, we no longer serve life
We hang in there meaninglessly.
Then the curtain comes down one fine day, that frame ends there
Another frame begins, frame by frame life moves on.

One should never regret for the one frame that is gone,
Know that they’re gone for good.
The ones who are gone forever, their lives will not stop for anyone,
As your life won’t stop for them too.
Just that shorter period you pass in between,
For times like that- just hang in there and wait,
Even though things will not remain the same again,
But learn to embrace the truth, accept this reality and move on,
Life is not that short when you’re going through misery.
Life seems short only when you live with regrets, you wish you could rewind time.

Often, we’re being taken for granted, when we serve a reason for others.
When we can’t say NO, when we act selflessly and when we care.
Don’t worry about their reaction to your actions.
You keep up what your heart tells you, don’t change yourself for others.
If one day they are gone, you won't be able to find yourself back.

If we bog down to assess what went wrong,
If we’re only cautious not to lose the left over to live with, that's not life either.
Sometimes there is no second chance, and we don’t need one honestly.
If we could manage to live for once without regret,
That one life worth a thousand lifetime.

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