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Train of consciousness

I'm on the train of consciousness,
with my eyes closed, conscience buried.
Whatever is happening around the world, none of my business.
Let this train carry, wherever it takes me.
I'm on the train of inner turbulence.

And this train stomps over poor human flesh,
I hear them cry, I see them die everyday.
But I do not say a word, I just pretend to be sad sometimes.
Because I feel, as long as I'm inside this train
-I'm safe!

Often I feel that, I've got no role to play in social justice system.
Like every other passengers onboard with a false sense of security.
They too have seen what I've seen, heard what I've heard.
Oh a few are talking about it over a cup of tea, in vicarious joy,
Or watching them all die on TV, shedding crocodile's tears.

How poor we are, even animals are more civilized than we are at times,
Each others blood we drink to fuel this train,
How long will I keep my eyes close, how long will I not see?
How long will I keep myself to my own bloody business?
Because the train on the orbit is coming for me next!


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