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Eternal extinction of light

A walk along the luminous shore,
Under an abysmal sky
An ocean of darkness, in deep midnight,
I walk through the glowing speck of light.

So many tunes you have played
Illuminating my face with fading moonlight
This incredibly beautiful shoreline
Melancholy waves crashing like a chime.

I hear you’re calling me like a mad woman
I turn to look back, but you’re not there
You’re neither before nor behind, I find you right beside me.
Soon I realize, you’ve painted your infectious smile on my face.

You’ve stopped the time forever,
You’ve stopped the eternal extinction of light
You hold my hand for once, but you hold this heart forever.

Your pure white dress reached down to your feet
Your face towards the sea, with utter serenity
Your smile has changed into a sudden frown
And for me, are you no longer the one?

And when you go, the beauty was too surreal
You’ve lit me into a burning lamp of coal
A torment of laughter, more you laugh, more it burns.
In blind disbelief, my senses return.

The heart is too heavy with grief,
Night melts away into oblivion.
A perfect dream ends in time’s own stairway
This dream too might have had a role to play.

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