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Remember this the next time you upload a profile picture!

A picture says a thousand words. And if the picture we are talking about is the one posted as your “profile pic” on social networking sites like Facebook, it surely tells a lot about you! Profile pictures have surely become a medium of self-expression, and you come across a wide variety of them, each hinting whether the person is an interesting one, a boring one, a half-lunatic or completely insane!

The addicted and the lazy

For starters, everyone has a few friends on Facebook whose only job in life seems to be uploading pictures. Your homepage is flooded with his/her new flicks almost everyday. You feel they have an obligation to share each and every relevant (and not-so relevant) thing they do in life: eating, sleeping, studying, cooking, thinking, doing nothing -- they tirelessly present you a detailed report on everything they do with utmost dedication.

On the other hand, many people show no dedication at all. They hardly, if ever, change their profile pictures. Many of them still have the same old one they uploaded when they first opened their account!

The lovebirds

Then there are people who update their profile pic when they start dating someone. The moment they are no longer single, they will upload a mushy or intimate picture with their boyfriend/girlfriend. And typically, the picture will be followed by a comment by their other half, saying something like, “How cute januu!” Well, what can I say? It's their way of shouting “I'm single no more!” in the era of digital world.

When they break up though, the “single” pic is back again.

The artist

Some people are keen to show their creative sides. They will take normal pictures, but strive to make them unique, perhaps by taking flicks from an odd angle, or trying to do something with light and shadows, etc. If nothing else, they'll simply edit it -- make it black-and-white, for example- yours truly Shopnil. While some of these people do show excellent flair in photography, most of them are delusional about their own expertise.

The Snow White fan

'Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?' Almost everybody knows at least one person on Facebook, who has, at some point, taken a picture of himself/herself in the mirror and uploaded it. In all likeliness, the person may even be you! I don't know why people have a strange fascination for taking photos of their reflections in mirrors.

The star struck

You can be a fan of many other things as well. But do people need to express who their idol is so vividly and explicitly on Facebook? Sachin Tendulkar, Sharukh Khan, and whose not?

Fat guy thin

Hypocrisy and deception is everywhere around us, folks. They have made their way to social networking sites as well. You'll see an overweight person's picture where he seems to somehow have lost a bulk of weight since the last time you met him in person. His secret? Certain poses taken from certain angles! There's no obese person on Facebook.

The anonymous

There are people who'll never post their own photo. They'll give all sorts of pics, they even show their hand, their back, but when it comes to their face, they shake their heads. They are not yet ready to face the world. This, however, creates a problem for other users. If you search for someone on Facebook who does not have a picture, it can get confusing sometimes, especially if the name is a common one and generates many search results. How can I recognise a person seeing just her nails? And then there are people who post pictures of cartoon characters. Yeah, like you are Mr. Homer Simpson!

Your profile picture communicates more than you think. And speaking of communication, some pictures are so strange and silly that they make you wonder what your friend is trying to say or prove. For example, someone I know uploaded a picture of a banana. Whilst a jolly and cheerful lunatic stuck his tongue out and showed the world that his can be rolled! No comment.

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