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Son of nature

Within Azures’ Sky and green grass
I hear the bird sing in happiness
In illusion of its dark eyes
I dream for a fresh sunrise.

Within the vivid stars when the sun goes down
I sense an arrival of a new stair of light
Within the magic of incontrovertible voice
I sense the roar of the rebel eternal!

Within the wild sea of wrath
Cryptic message of joy
Plethora of love and gratefulness
I hear the sound of a new world flooded with happiness!

Abhorrent and cursed those obnoxious weeds
Flattered with evil of darkness
Stingy inertia and timid age
May disappear from us forever and ever.

To remove the age of sin and lament
The messenger of light & joy to conquer
The son of nature would come
To bring the shower of sunshine.

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Search of Mystery

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