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Through the obvious

Lying in her lap with my eyes closed,
I seem lost somewhere,
Taking me away from that safest nest,
Embracing me to a world of fragile wonder,

  • What affection do you have for me?

  • What attraction did you leave on me?

  • How seductive can you really be?
    To ease the pain inside, and to wither the love I once had!

  • I’m your strength; I’ll be your power

  • I’m the force that takes you higher.
    Opening wide the doors of perception
    With this chaotic world, I break your bonds.
    And when you go blind in dismay.
    I make you numb as you foray,
    I’m your heaven, I’ll be your destiny.
    Now, kill the snakes of doubt in your soul,
    Crush the worms of fear in your heart,
    Come, embrace me tightly!

Letting you conquest, I cede myself,
This joy and profound as if I’ve found my true love,
I fall asleep with fog on my eyes,
Darkness fills up my vacuum and I surrender my soul and cry.

I feel complete, I feel hollow, I feel I’m flying to reach the swallow
But a polemic sound of killjoy, slams me to the ground again.
I come back to my senses and question myself-
Was it all I ever wanted?
Where is my love of Allah?
Where is my dream, my ambition to live?

I snatched up the evil leeches from my brain,
Threw them away, as far as I could,
I bleed, I cried
And I fall asleep for one more time!

(On addiction)

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