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We're the sun and its fading light,
Asked to stand on a parallel line
Starting gun shots to the star,
for heaven or the hell afar,
And then we ran and ran and ran.
Ran the journey they named life,
The path I've been through
Slowly fades in darkest of times.

Then one day I've stopped,
Tired of running so long
The ones I was running with are gone,
May be lost or have found a new way?
Started as avengers from the point of thorn
But it’s a battle we all fight alone.

At last, standing on the ledge I see-
The world smells aggravating, inhuman traits
Humans have civilized in all besides being human
My soul stinks, so does yours and every other caged souls indeed
Nobody could ever be the human they should have been
Since the dawn of mankind!

I look to the gunner again, begging another chance.
He says, "There’s no turning back in time, sons!"
"Pass on; pass on yourself, what's life but a relay race?"

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