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Why Deepfake Technology is a Terrifying Threat?

Welcome to the age of deepfake. In this age of deep lies, you will be drown in deception every day. Fake people will talk in the videos with real people's faces. Yes, you heard that right. This is called deepfake technology. As technology advances, the use of deepfake naturally increases. Depending on the artificial intelligence, perfect and emotional expressions are being created. This has gone so far that the great Lionel Messi has approved a deep fake version of himself to be used in advertisements. Yes, Messi would no longer have to spend extra time on shooting commercials.

However, deepfake manipulation started much earlier. What does this scene from the Oscar-winning Forrest Gump movie remind you of? Yes, Forrest Gump was standing in front of US President John F. Kennedy. But Mr. Kennedy was killed in 1963. And Forrest Gump was filmed in the 1990s! Yes, Robert Zemeckis used archival footage of JF Kennedy in this scene to bring him back nearly 30 years after his death. That too was a deep fake. It is used in many Hollywood movies. In the last installment of Indiana Jones- The Dial of Destiny, the old Harrison Ford was shown as a young man by this technology.

Recently, there was quite a discussion over the news casting of a so-called AI presenter on a tv channel in India. Many say that the world of news has entered a new era. But here the actual deepfake technology was not even used. Your naked eye can tell that the presenter's expression lacks emotional output. We don’t think that this manipulation of deepfake technology will catch the masses so easily. Actually, the matter is not so simple. A lot has to be done to create a real AI presenter or actor character. The AI ​​model has to be trained with a large amount of data or information including the prescribed voice, language and its various emotional expressions. Then the fake version of the AI ​​presenter or actor will behave like a human. It's important to note that lip-synced character animation and AI-based deepfake technology are not the same thing at all. A Deepfake character will have the same emotional output as a real character. He will smile when he is happy. Will be surprised as we are. If he is embarrassed, his expression will tell you that too.

Apart from the looks and faces, voices can be cloned and deep faked too. The rise of generative AI has led to the proliferation of "deep fake" songs that can mimic the vocals, tones or sounds of established artists quite accurately. But in this case there is a copyright infringement involved. That is why Google and Universal Music are in talks to license artists' tunes and vocals for songs created with AI.

Deep fake technology by the hands of AI will change the course of the future world. As technology becomes easier to use, deep fakes are becoming a regular weapon. Deep fakes have started being used for political or nefarious purposes. It is said that the use of deep fake will be out in the politics of the future. However, the impact of deepfakes might be more serious on one’s personal life.

Such an incident happened in Bangladesh. An offensive video of an entrepreneur named Naureen Afroz Pia has gone viral. Naureen went through an embarrassing situation in her personal and social life. Not only that, after the video was circulated, she was also threatened by email. A huge sum of money was demanded. Basically, the miscreants made the obscene video using 'deep fake' technology using numerous pictures of her that she posted on social media.

Isn't it shocking? For a long time, many people used to make these fake videos targeting celebs for fun. From Hollywood's Natalie Portman to former US President Donald Trump, no one is spared. But now it is being misused by cyber criminals as this technology becomes more available to general people.

For over a century, audio and video have served as the basis of truth, but now it is under threat. Despite having videos some people still question historical events like the Holocaust, the moon landing. Imagine how much distrust and conspiracy theories it’s going to create now! Although, experts believe that deepfake technology is not yet sufficient to forge large-scale historical events. But now it’s quite possible that it will not be more sophisticated in the near future?

It is estimated that the global market for generative AI will exceed $110 billion by 2030. A recent study found that AI-generated audio has become so perfect that one in four people can't tell whether a voice is real or fake. It's hard to tell the difference now, even in the case of video. So, the way? There will be no way to understand the original copy?

You know you can cut it. The same is happening in this case. Preparations are underway to harness AI to catch AI manipulation. There is a lot of research on this. But in general, if you observe some things, you can catch the depth fake. According to US researchers, deep fake faces do not normally have eyelids. Thinking, AI can do so much and can't blink an eye? No wonder. Most of the images used to train the AI ​​are still images of people with their eyes open. And that's why the algorithm hasn't yet mastered something as important as blinking.

Low-quality deep fakes are easier to spot. In that case lip syncing is going to happen. Abnormal expansion or contraction of the face may occur. Abnormalities will be noticed if the hair and teeth are especially noticed. However, there is no cause for relief.

Keep your eyes and ears open for now. Don't just trust your eyes or ears. Because, deep fakes can cause your social, political and personal problems.

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