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Why Men's Mental Health Issues Are On The Rise?

'A man lives - in his honor. Since I have no honor left today, I have no right to live in this world. I am solely responsible for my death. Sorry mom, I couldn't keep my promise to you. I only have one word to describe my life - disappointment'.

These were the last words written in a note- A student of Dhaka University - Kazi Feroz. There are many such notes we could mention here. But the question is - why? Why does a man take his own life?

Women are more empathetic than men. But research says this information is not entirely true. Boys are usually more emotional than girls in childhood. Studies have shown that - in adulthood - this emotion in men is replaced, or should we say - suppressed - by the reality of social life. A man's emotions are understood - when he is under tremendous pressure. A mature man tends to be a problem-solver rather than being emotional. Quite by force - boys have to learn to hide these emotions - or else - society will label them as impotent. Are you shocked? Today's episode is for men.

Yes, I am asking you, how are you? Can you confidently say- all is well? Life is perfect? No anxiety or depression? Don't you have countless voices in your head constantly bugging you?

Have you ever been able to open your heart to someone? A friend, relative or family member that you’ve been able to open up without hesitation? In most cases, the answer will be - no! What should I say? What's the point? Or - No one will understand! And that is how, day after day, you will live through a cruel competition to become a man. No, these words are not meant to make you feel cowardly.

As you and I are having this discussion, a young man somewhere in the world may be writing his last letter. Let's say, this content is 10 minutes long, by the time you finish watching this video - in that time around 18 people will leave this world in despair - forever. That is, every 40 seconds in the world - a man commits suicide - almost twice as many as women. And every year more than 7 hundred thousand men commits suicide. And 90 percent of cases the reason is - mental health problems.

From the moment a boy is born - roughly the process of mental repression - begins. Although the birth of a boy is an occasion of great joy in our Asian society. Because they think that the family will be protected, this son will be the pillar of the family for the rest of his life, he will take the responsibility for his family at their old age, and he will earn a lot of wealth when he grows up. The name of the family will shine in pride and glory.

And therefore, the pressure to fulfill the parents' dreams becomes more important rather than what the child actually wants. They raise the child expecting that the boy will take them out of poverty, so he becomes more like a business investment. The parents would sell their lands and assets to send him abroad for this very purpose.

Well, since you've been in school for 10-12 years, has anyone ever explained to you exactly why you have to go to school? What was the real purpose? How can we succeed in life if we do something without knowing the purpose? On the contrary, the proverb in our society sounds like, "He who studies, becomes rich". A very greedy and selfish nature is growing in the- brain of the child at the beginning of his educational life.

We go to school aimlessly, much against our will. We memorize essays - Aim of life, in which everyone is kind of conditioned to become either doctors or engineers - but rarely any help is offered to determine what we are good at or should aim to do. As soon as these children enter high school - if they do well enough in their studies they are expected to take a science subject. Although, there are girls who go through similar struggles too.

What the parents failed to be in their own lives, as punishment - their children are sometimes forced to fulfill those unattained dreams.

And in that process- the amount of stress placed on children these days is simply inhuman. Stealing their childhood - teaching them modern day slavery, while trying to raise the entire nation in a “one size fits all” method, while the education system has no scientific study behind it. Psychologically - The fact that every child is different is being ignored time after time. An old, stagnant education system is placed as a burden on the students - while expecting everyone to bring good results, as if every child had to come first in the class. Otherwise, there will be no chance in a good college or university. And if you can't get admission in the best university or college, it's like - your whole life will be in vain.

A boy is expected to work much harder than his capacity, some would succeed, but most of them would give up in this rat race, and wouldn't be able to bring home golden A plus like next door neighbor’s son. Because often, parents compare their child's performance either with friends of the same age or with close relatives or neighbors.

After the academic results, now it is all about securing a job. Even if you come out with very good results - there is no guarantee that one will do well in their profession. Because in this case too, a student rarely gets freedom in determining his own subject or profession, which means there was a problem in the beginning. As a result, a man's chances of finding a job of his choice - professionally or in terms of employment - are slim. Society has taken only money as the criterion of success, where integrity, or principles have no value.

A man has to be - a provider. Without money or power - he has no value, no identity. And he has no demand in the marriage market either. If you don’t have a lot of money or a prestigious job - let alone her family, it will be very difficult to win the heart of your lover or wife in the first place.

And while a man is struggling for his family, parents, wife and children, he often forgets that he also had a life. He had a right to some happiness or peace of his own. Now his family is his only priority in life. But even this recognition sometimes does not meet his fate. Because this is expected, right? He was born to provide. Maybe sometimes he goes to the washroom to cry in solitary at the middle of his day at work. As society has taught, men don't cry. Crying does not suit a man.

But the responsibility of all failures in his life is completely his own. 'Don't cry like a girl', 'man up!'Herein lies the real problem. But every human has sorrow. But as easily as girls can express their pain - boys can't. Due to family, social, cultural reasons, men are stuck in various barriers. He has to be stuck. Boys are less comfortable expressing their feelings than establishing themselves as 'men'.

A boy tries to establish himself in a society, in the family. But it may not always be possible for him to achieve it. Or because there is no specific standard to be established, he does not understand whether he is actually a success or a failure. In fact, men are the worst victims of a patriarchal society.

Yes, compassion can be the first medicine for any ailment. A little compassion can bring a broken man back from that abyss.

A man should be able to speak up. People should recognize mental health as an issue. With this small initiative of yours - the dark cloud accumulated in the mind of either your child, brother, friend or husband can be removed. Everyone can talk, but not many could listen with empathy. Just become a listener sometime. Give your loved ones a shoulder to cry on with a little patience. Little by little, if you come forward, you will see that one day our society will change. Not as women or men, simply let people live as human beings!

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