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Why There's 1 Divorce in Every 40 Minutes in Dhaka?

Divorce of the ruler of Dubai

Princess Haya bint Al Hussein, the daughter of the former king of Jordan - Hussein bin Talal, has taken refuge in England with her two daughters. To be more specific, she was the sixth wife of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The incident happened in 2019.

London, known as the de facto capital for famous billionaire divorces, witnessed one of the most expensive divorces in British history. 72-year-old Rashid Al-Maktoum had to pay a total of 55 million pounds to Princess Haya bint Al-Hussein for separation. Even after the separation, the dispute continued from both sides. Princess Haya alleged that Dubai's ruler was threatening to take her and her children away. Princess Haya had further allegations against her husband. Suspecting that Princess Haya had an illicit relationship with her bodyguard, Sheikh Mohammed used the Israeli spyware Pegasus to hack the phones of Princess Haya, her bodyguards and lawyers. First suspicion, then surveillance, then arguments, finally threats. Unless something unusual happens, a relationship ends in separation. As in the wedding of kings and queens, there are lavish arrangements, in separation also the cost goes off the roof. Anyway, even with Princess Haya gone, Dubai's ruler has no shortage of wives in his household. But those living hand to mouth, such as a man from a humble background who can only afford one marriage, why doesn't that marriage last? That is our question. It's a matter of thinking, if you don't find a solution by researching very quickly, the wife you see in your house today may not be in your house tomorrow.

Importance of marriage in our society

According to religion and social customs, marriage is an important part of society. According to Bertrand Russell, there is no better way to obtain the companionship of a man of the opposite sex than marriage. Although many socialists oppose this practice, marriage is the most acceptable form of healthy relationship between men and women. There is a kind of government in our country about that marriage too. It has not changed much in modern times. Please don't blush while watching the video. It is important to know these things about marriage before marriage.
Close your eyes and tell me what kind of bride or groom you like for marriage? Is it enough to look good, or should he do a good job? Even if the outside is not so shiny, the inner mind is beautiful, this is your only wish!

Why divorce is increasing now than before?

Those born in the 90s or earlier, may have seen the bride and groom meet for the first time on the wedding stage. They will spend a whole life who they do not know anyone, have never seen. Today it is not only difficult to think, but impossible! Most people now, choose their life partner themselves. And even if it is a family marriage, there is a burden between themselves before marriage.

But you can marry a long-time loved one, but then! Where all the likes and loves keep disappearing. For many, staying together becomes impossible after a while. The desire to stay under the same roof with someone who doesn't like it dies. Divorce is the most difficult decision to make in life. A few days ago, the beloved partner had to be released from all ties. The color photo album hanging on the wall is lost forever in the darkness of black-and-white memories. One such gray story is created in this city every forty minutes. 36 a day, 252 a week, 7,560 clocks a month break in this strange city without us noticing. According to various data, the number of divorces in Bangladesh has almost doubled in recent times.

Divorce cases abroad

The number of divorces is increasing all over the world. We have now reached a society where we handle divorce mutually. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie or Microsoft founders Bill Gates and Melinda, they have appeared before us as role models of divorce. A few days ago, the media was all over their pure love. Now there is a struggle to find the reason for their divorce.

Divorce is spreading in all classes

But divorce is not only among the high class of society or celebrities. Here's the thing to think about. The number is gradually increasing among the common people as well. The main struggle in the life of ordinary people is the house barrier. These dreamy people get married with the intention of breaking the house. But why has the shadow of destruction come down in that house? Why do the lower middle class who are used to spending a long life carefree relying only on love ignoring many crises and obstacles, why do they have to make difficult decisions like divorce?

Main Reasons for Divorce

When it comes to divorce in modern times, one word comes to mind, that is self-reliance. But this one reason is not enough for divorce. It may be a reason for obesity. Considering the social context of Bangladesh, it has been found that women usually divorce for four reasons. Dowry is one of them. They decide to separate due to physical and emotional reasons as well. Due to the latter reason, the number of divorces has increased more than before. That is a secret relationship. Apart from this, some other common reasons in the society are not being able to give birth to children, not giving time to each other, hindering free movement and suspicion.

What is responsible for divorce?

Our society still wants to blame women solely for divorce. There is a kind of talk in our society that modern education is making women disobey their husbands. But the real truth is that as the rate of women's education has increased, their awareness has increased. Women have come out of the idea that the wife does not need to see what the husband did outside. But the patriarchal social system cannot contain this logical progress of women over time. Due to which the incidence of separation is increasing.
A line from Shakti Chatterjee's poem comes to mind: 'I never thought of you as yours.' Perhaps this is also an important reason for the breakup of marriages. Most of the time, we want to judge our partner as we are, we are not used to seeing him differently in context. That's when the problem actually arises. It is natural that my partner's birth, upbringing, institutional and family education, his values ​​are different from mine. But this is something we simply do not want to understand. We want my partner to be like me. From this unsolvable demand, the foundations of the relationship begin to disintegrate. Disbelief is born.

How does unbelief destroy a family?

Most marriages break up because of mistrust in each other. Marriage after long love. But it can be seen that the person before marriage and the person after marriage are completely different. After marriage, they started doubting each other. Both people in the family are now going out to work. Talking to their acquaintances, friends, colleagues. Even after returning home, they are seen talking to them for various reasons. And thanks to social media, it has become easier to say this. But due to lack of good understanding among themselves, doubts arise about talking or hanging out with them. Slowly it is going towards disbelief. And without trust, no relationship can survive.
How responsible is social media for divorce?
Our lives have become easier as well as sometimes harder with the benefit of social media. Anyone can be contacted at any time. Stats on Facebook without solving personal problems or family problems among themselves

Wrong choice of life partner

In many cases, social status is given more importance in choosing a life partner than mutual understanding or love between two people. Because economic security is more important in our society, where we don't often analyze a person's character or compatibility.

Reasons for creating people's reluctance from marriage

A social and important relationship like marriage is presented to us in a very complex and sensitive way. Due to which the number of divorces is increasing in our society, people are also losing interest in marriage. Different countries have various government incentives to encourage marriage. The way the situation is going, our country is not lagging behind. Even if there is no official or research account, how self-centered everyone is becoming these days. Especially in civil life this trend is more visible. Everyone needs personal space. They think that they will not be able to get that if they get married. People are getting involved in live together or extramarital relationship without thinking seven or five. A different social system is being established in our society. Where marriage is a name of discomfort. Thousands of children are growing up with broken families. He knows how uncomfortable it is for a child who has grown up in a house with separated parents.

What is important to sustain the marriage?

I started the discussion with the divorce of the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad Rashid Al Maktoum. The ruler of Dubai has been married at least seven times in his life. For them, marriage and divorce are child's play, but for most Bengalis, marriage is not a mere child's play. No matter how society changes, marriage is still important and dignified to Bengalis. We all need to have some analytical skills when it comes to making decisions about marriage. Remember, excess emotion, excess pride, excess anger destroys this analytical ability. Only emotional relationships do not last, brains are needed, intelligence is needed. And a great will power is needed. Leaving everything aside, if you feel love for each other, you will see that once and for all there will be no insults and grievances due to petty reasons. Love is like that, the house where there is love, never breaks the house.

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